Monday, March 15, 2010


After a month and a half of writing on this book, I've now passed two major milestones in one day: 1) I've now written well over 200 pages and 2) I let my husband read the first five chapters. For anyone who reads this blog, you'll know what at terribly frightening prospect that was (the husband part). Well, I handed him the second draft of Part I and now I'm on to flesh out Part II. I didn't want to be there when he started reading, because his face is a bit like an open book. He read and he read and when he stopped reading I thought he might have something to say or maybe have some questions. But sadly he didn't. So I brushed my teeth and started to go to bed and asked how far he had read; a silly question because of course no sensible person would read more or less of one chapter in an evening sitting. Arn't I stupid. Still failing to bring the conversation I was seeking to life, I furthered a remark: "Well, that was fast." To which he replied: "Not really, it was only fifteen pages." Perhaps I'm a bit over sensitive, but ouch that was a very pointed 'only.' But in the interest of not spooking him, he has agreed to read it, I am letting the lack of discussion lie for the moment. Maybe there will be some response at the end of Part I? I will just have to wait and see.
As for Part II, writings going well. Once again, I had some wonderful brainstorms in the shower yesterday (about an hour before I had to leave for my sister's birthday dinner: Hi, Taylor) and so very quickly went to the computer to pour everything out onto the page. I had been a bit worried that after a few days spent rewriting and proofing Part I my mind would have trouble shifting focus back to producing new material, but low and behold it was ready and raring for the task and the words have been flowing nicely ever since. I hate to walk away from the computer today, but I have to actually pretend to be a housewife for awhile and take care of the banalities of life. I've also promised myself a trip to the gym, once I noticed that too many days in front of the computer were causing spider veins...eww! So I need to get the blood flowing to clear out my circulatory system and the cobwebs in my brain. Who knows, I might have some great inspiration on the elliptical. God I love that thing! J.A.

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  1. Isn't the shower wonderful for ideas? If you've written 200 pp. in a month and a half, that's wonderful. As for husbands giving us good feedback on our work -- sometimes they just don't or can't. My husband doesn't read fiction. He reads nonfiction (history and sports) and he watches movies. He's not a source of feedback for me, and that's okay. In fact, sometimes that's a good thing.